President attends church service in Bartica


President David Granger on Sunday attended the service at the St. John The Baptist Anglican Church in Bartica, Cuyuni – Mazaruni. He was accompanied by his wife, First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger and his granddaughter, Ms. Faraa Gaskin.

In brief remarks to the congregation, President Granger said that he is pleased to note that the Church is observing ‘Holy Family Day’ today since family is a sacred institution.

President David Granger takes the Holy Communion from Reverend Canon Alfred David.

The Head of State also reminded the residents of their civic duty in ensuring that Bartica becomes a striving, modern town, especially through good governance for the future generations to inherit.

President David Granger shares a light moment with the ushers as he is welcomed to the St. John The Baptist Church. He is accompanied by Mayor of Bartica, Mr. Gifford Marshall and Regional Chairman, Mr. Gordon Bradford.

“It has always been a beautiful and blessed town and I want you to ensure that those infants who were baptised today, will be growing up in a beautiful and blessed town just as I enjoyed growing up. Protect and preserve your families, preserve the memory and message of St. John The Baptist. Think of your township and ensure your children understand the civic duty in protecting and preserving Bartica,” he said.

(Ministry of the Presidency)

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