Water restored to central Georgetown


A 16-inch transmission main which was broken at Church Street causing disruptions to central Georgetown has been successfully fixed according to the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

Following non-stop works, engineers were able to successfully seal the breakage on Saturday afternoon.

GWI photo showing the breakage

“It will take approximately half of an hour to one hour for the lines to be pressurized and fill up before it can reach customers’ taps. It may take a little longer depending on where you reside,” GWI said.

Areas affected included Kitty, Campbellville, Subryanville, Bel Air, Queenstown, Albetttown, Bourta, Robstown, Lacytown, Cummingsburg, Wortmanville, Lodge, Thomas Lands, Charlestown and Albouystown.

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