Corentyne family pleads for help after fire ravages home


A fire of unknown origin has plunged a Corentyne family in despair and uncertainty; they watched helplessly at what was once their home was reduced to rubbles on Sunday evening.

The fire started at about 18:30 hrs.

Nomattie Chinnapah, 37, had been living at the Number 75 village property her entire life. Now 37, she had inherited the two-bedroom wooden home from her parents who passed away several years ago.

She took jobs as a domestic worker while her husband worked as a security guard; over the years, they acquired almost every they said they needed to make their lives and that of their 15-year-old son comfortable.

Nomattie Chinnapah contemplating her next move

They were looking forward to a bright new year as the main breadwinner and head of the household, 39-year-old Boujendra Ramnauth, had finally landed a steady job after being laid off from the Skeldon Estate a year ago. In fact, he had just received his salary and took his wife to purchase grocery to enjoy a feast for the New Year. While shopping she received the dreadful message that their house was on fire.

Rushing to the scene, Chandra, as she is commonly called, recalled seeing the fire making its way up from the back of the kitchen wall to the upper flat. Less than five minutes later the entire house was engulfed despite the efforts of residents and relatives who tried feverishly to douse the inferno using buckets of water.

The fire service was called and arrived a short time after but given the location of the property, they were forced to set up some distance away. By the time they were able to get the hoses to

the house it was already gutted and the inferno had spread to the neighbouring property owned by Shafeek Khan.

The fire caught reached the roof of the upper flat of the newly constructed house melting the ceiling and electrical wires while shattering the windows.

Firefighters, however, managed to quell the blaze as the family also tried from inside the house using an electric pressure washer with power from another building.

The damages to both properties are in excess of 10 million dollars.

Speaking with the News Room, Khan explained the property which cost some $28 million to build was 99 percent finished with less than a week of minor works left to complete the building before it could be occupied.

Chandra and her family is appealing to the public for any form of assistance to get back on their feet and rebuild their home. They are presently seeking refuge by the Khans, who were kind enough to open their doors for the family.

Persons desirous of assisting can make contact with the family. Their telephone number is 652-0443 or 335-4210.

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