Man who pretended to be Police to commit robbery jailed


A 21-year-old man who impersonated a police and committed a robbery was on Monday sentenced to two years imprisonment by City Magistrate Sherdel Isccas-Marcus.

Daquan Robinson had confessed to the charge; Police claimed that on December 8th, 2019, at Merriman Mall, Bourda, being armed with a gun, he robbed Gary Hartman of a quantity of items totaling $43,000.

According to reports, on the day in question the victim was along Merriman Mall with the articles in his haversack.

It is alleged that Robinson walked up to him and identified himself as a police and requested to carry out a search.

However, when the victim asked to see his badge, Robinson became annoyed and pulled out a fake gun.

He then pointed the firearm at the victim and relieved him of his haversack.  Robinson made good his escape on foot but was later arrested by the police.

On Monday, a probation report was read in court which stated that Robinson would often follow bad company which would lead him to crime.

Robinson, in court, said that he would smoke cannabis with his friends.

His lifestyle would however cause conflict with his mother, who did not approve of his associates.

The Magistrate, after considering the fact that Robinson was a first time offender and the seriousness of the charge, sentenced him to serve two years imprisonment.

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