East Coast painter killed in accident after helping friends


Sumintra Sahadeo, wife of 59-year-old painter Donal Mootoo, who died in a gruesome accident that occurred on Wednesday on the Montrose Public Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD) has said her husband never lost control of his motorcycle or got into an accident during his time as a motorcyclist.

According to reports, Mootoo was proceeding west along the southern carriageway of the road when he lost control of motorcycle CH 7540, while negotiating a right turn, and collided with the median at the center of the road.

His widow, popularly known as Sita, said she and Mr Mootoo had been married for 39 years. On Wednesday, he left home shortly after he dropped her home from the market. The couple lived at Bissoon Street, South Better Hope, ECD.

“He went home and I asked him to go to the market and we went to the market, then he bring me home and he said he was going at one of his friends to collect something.

“When he got there his two friends were painting and he said he would give them a hand; after that he left to come home and I never see back my husband again,” Mrs Sahadeo told the News Room.

Sumintra Sahadeo

The family received news of the accident from a neighborhood friend who knew Mr Mootoo.

Police headquarters reported that Mr Mootoo sustained severe injuries about his body; both of his legs were severed.

The motorcycle involved in the accident

Mrs Sahadeo said her husband owned multiple motorcycles and was a very experienced rider who was never known to get into accidents.

“…all around me and him would go and we never got into accidents,” she related.



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