23 cellphones among items found at NA, Lusignan and Mazaruni prisons


Ranks of the Joint Services between 05:00-10:40hrs on Saturday searched the New Amsterdam and Mazaruni Prisons as well as the Holding Bays of the Lusignan Prison and found a significant number of prohibited items which were seized.

The searches were conducted by 138 ranks inclusive of 6 Officers, according to a statement from the police. Below are the list of items found:

-23 cellular phones

-16 phone chargers

-7 ear pieces

-6 smoking utensils

-3 SIM cards

-1 memory card

-27 metal spoons

-2 metal plates

-48 lighters

– a quantity of razor blades and construction nails

-6 batteries

-a quantity of small-sized ziplock bags

– 6 grams of cannabis

-1 pack bamboo

-2 pairs of scissors

-1 glass bottle

-4 bottles of locally made wine

-a quantity of wires

-1 speaker

-1 whistle

-1 screw driver

-3 mirrors

-3 nail clips

-1 tweezer

-1 grater

-1 bottle nail polish

-10 empty tins

-28 improvised weapons .

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