Irfaan Ali pledges to send President Granger into retirement


People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali on Sunday afternoon took the stage at his party’s first rally ahead of the March 2, 2020 elections.

Confident of a win at the upcoming elections, just 56 days away, Ali at the Kitty, Georgetown campaign launch, said he will send President David Granger into retirement.

“I will send you (President David Granger) to retirement in good stead,” he noted. His intention was to address the President and leader of the APNU for comments made on Friday regarding Ali’s qualifications; but Ali refrained, saying “my mother said to respect your elderly.”

He declared that he will represent all Guyanese, regardless of political affiliation and will work hard for their upliftment.

Outlining a number of plans to increase disposable income to citizens, Ali said his government will strengthen and expand the country’s economic base, create jobs, promote social justice and access to public service, provide incentives for the forestry and manufacturing sector and reduce electricity cost by 70%.  He also promised to liberalise the telecommunications sector, provide cheaper access to data as he accused the APNU+AFC Government of corruption and “pocketing” monies from the treasury.

“The quality of my leadership will be defined by competence,” the Presidential Candidate said, adding that he will not give priority to a privileged cabal.

“We will rescue the sinking ship called Guyana whose captain is sleeping at the wheels,” he added.

PPP Prime Ministerial Candidate, Brigadier (retired) Mark Phillips

Alongside him was PPP Prime Ministerial Candidate, Brigadier Mark Phillips declaring that the party is the best for Guyana.

Phillips who served as a soldier from 1980 and rose to become Chief of Staff at his retirement in 2016, said he brings experience and leadership to the party.

“I will be the next Prime Minister of Guyana. I will be a PM for all Guyanese. Come elections day, with your votes I will find the appropriate job to continue to serve the people of Guyana,” he told thousands of supporters at the Kitty market square.

He said the team approach to nation-building is not new to him as he has led several teams during his time as a soldier and is committed to working together to help ordinary people going forward.

“What has always been important is making a positive change in the lives of others so they can make a positive life in the future,” he said.

The Brigadier said his Government will create an anti-crime and security strategy which will also open the gate to prosperity. Phillips also committed to promote racial harmony and provide equal opportunity for persons.

“Use your vote to send a strong message….vote for development, vote for Guyana,” he told those gathered at the rally.

The rally was also addressed by PPP Executives Gail Teixeira and Anil Nandlall and three young women from across the country who have joined the party, pushing for better healthcare and other services.

Persons travelled from across the country for the rally which sets off the PPP/C campaign but they were mostly focused on Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo who was not only welcomed with the loudest cheers but also captured the crowd’s attention like no other speaker.

Jagdeo said his party achieved more in Government than the APNU+AFC as he praised his party’s Presidential Candidate for the work he did while heading the Business, tourism and other sectors.

“In your hands lie the future of this country…The PPP will emerge with victory,” he said.

Jagdeo said his party is patriotic and will push constitutional reform and end poverty.

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