Man killed after run over by tractor


A man is now dead after he fell off a tractor and was ran over by it, Police has reported.

Dead is Rondell Jacobs of Linden. The incident occurred at 72 Miles, along the Kaburee Main Access Trail in Region Eight on Sunday.

The tractor was being driven by a teenager of Greenwich Park, East Bank Essequibo.

According to Police, at around 14:30 hrs on Sunday, the teenager and another tractor operator left 58 miles Potaro with the tractor heading to 72 miles.

Along the journey, they were drinking alcohol and on the arrival at 72 miles about 17:00 hrs they met Jacobs and another man.

Together, they went to a shop and began drinking. The driver claimed that at about 22:00 hrs when they were all drunk, he drove the tractor with the others.

He claimed that Jacobs was standing on the left side footboard of the tractor and the other two occupants were sitting on the fuel tank at the back of the tractor.

Hansraj claimed that upon arrival at a junction, he turned right and due to the unevenness of the road the tractor tilted left and Jacobs fell off the tractor onto the roadway and he subsequently drove over the deceased and stopped some distance away.

When Police found Jacobs, he carried lacerations to the left side of the head and bruises to the left rib area; a banks beer bottle was also found near him.

The driver and the two others are in Police custody assisting with the investigation.

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