Heroic efforts by neighbors save children from burning house


Quick action by neighbors on Monday saved children from a burning house; the fire was accidentally set by a child who was playing with matches.

According to information at approximately 10:30hrs at Lot 121 Main Street, Cumberland, four children were home alone with a 15-year-old supervising when one of the child found a box of matches and set a netting alight in the Lower flat. The fire quickly spread to the bed and other furniture in the room.

Neighbors after seeing the fire quickly rushed the children to safety and formed a bucket brigade in their effort to control the blaze.

Rory Gladstone, who owns the property, told the News Room that he is very thankful for the efforts of the neighbors. He said he does not keep matches around the house, but on Sunday night he received three boxes from someone and he put it away; it is unclear how the children got access to it.

The fire service responded but by that time, the fire was under control.

The fire scorched the walls on inside of the house, the ceiling was burnt and the windows were shattered.

Several pieces of furniture were also damaged.

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