Yarrowkabra to get $826M secondary school


The Ministry of Education on Tuesday signed a contract with BK International to construct a secondary school at Yarrowkabra on the Soesdyke Linden Highway.

The school is expected to be completed within 12 months and will cater for 600 students and is being funded by the government to the tune of $826.7M.

The school will be a modern one, having Information technology and science labs, along with allied arts and technical and vocational training departments.

The signing ceremony was held Tuesday at the Ministry of Education’s Brickdam office in Georgetown.

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry during brief remarks said government will continue to prioritize education.

“In order to create first class education, we have to provide opportunities and we have to have the facilities and the institutions,” the Minister said.

Minister Henry performing the ceremonial handing-over of the contract
with the Managing Director of BK International.

The Minister noted that two other secondary schools are currently being constructed at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara and Westminster, West Bank Demerara and is funded by the World Bank.

“The intention is to have excellent secondary schools in every region at key positions so students who would have exited the primary level can have a school that can produce the best and the brightest to function in the 21st century.”

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Alfred King, said the school is part of government’s commitment to providing accessible education in all regions of the country.

“It’s against that background that we will continue to provide good and quality educational spaces for our young people,” King said.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of BK International, Brian Tiwari, assured the ministry that the works will executed on time.

“…we brought in (the engineer) from Jamaica to do the school, so we are not going to interfere with any other personnel from any other work to continue on this school.

“You can trust, Minister, that we will get this thing done for you in time and within the budget,” Tiwari said.

Minister Henry commissioned two new schools in Region one on Monday – the Port Kaituma Primary Annex, located at Canal Bank some four miles from Central Port Kaituma; and White Water Nursery Annex located at White Water.

The two schools were built at a combined cost of just over $20M.


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