Granger says he has not chosen a Prime Ministerial Candidate; will do so after elections


President David Granger, who leads the APNU+AFC Coalition heading into the March 02 elections on Wednesday declared that he has not chosen Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, the leader of the AFC as his Prime Ministerial Candidate.

“I have not named a Prime Ministerial Candidate but I know what I am going to do,” Granger told reporters Wednesday morning.

“I reserve the right to choose and nominate a Prime Minister and I will nominate all ministers, including the Prime Minister, who is my chief Minister, after the elections,” Granger stated.

The APNU and the AFC have signed an accord to contest the elections as a Coalition; the Coalition launched its elections campaign last Friday and announced MR Ramjattan not as the Prime Ministerial Candidate but as the Leader of the AFC.

The AFC has chosen Mr Ramjattan to be the Prime Ministerial Candidate, and the President had previously said that that by agreement, the AFC chooses the Prime Ministerial Candidate.

It is unclear if that agreement is included in the new accord signed between APNU and AFC. The Accord has not been released to the public.

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