Labourer charged with murder of homeless man


Nineteen-year-old Dave Jacobs was remanded to prison on Wednesday after he appeared in court for the January 3 murder of Lochan Persaud Kamaldeo, 43, a man known to be a vagrant.

Kamaldeo had been living on the streets for four years and would sleep at vacant stalls at the Skeldon Market.

Jacobs appeared dazed as the charge was read to him at the Number 51 Magistrate Court by Magistrate Alex Moore. Jacobs worked as a Labourer doing odd jobs around the Skeldon Market area.

On the night in question, he and Kamaldeo had an argument as to who will sleep on vacant stall, during which Kamaldeo received a single stab wound to the chest.

He was taken to the Skeldon Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The matter was adjourned to February 20th and will be called again on Springlands Magistrate Court.

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