Reebok Cross Fit: Strictly ‘business’ for returning Adonis and Mahadeo


By Akeem Greene

After getting a taste of what it takes to be the fittest in the world last year at the prestigious Reebok Cross Fit Games, top Guyanese athletes Delice Adonis and Dillon Mahadeo will return this year and the aim is to make serious inroads.

On Tuesday (January 7) they received confirmation letters for the trip to Wisconsin in the United States of America from July 29-August 2.

The fairy-tale and butterflies of the inaugural experience are gone, and it is down to the business of not just going for a pat on the shoulder, but rather have a performance, which both gives higher placement and leaves the lingering desire by other countries to know more of Guyana’s fitness regime.

“I am grateful again to be able to represent Guyana at the Cross Fit Games. Last year was a very eye-opening experience and I am very happy that I can get to do this again,” Adonis told News Room Sport Tuesday.  She placed 117th out of 134 females.

“It is a dream come through, a lot of people you look up (to), some of the best in the sport, some people you never thought you would be sharing a stage with. You get to learn so much and expose our country and let them know Cross Fit is everywhere and not just at the higher levels.”

Adonis, who started in 2017 and managed to place second at the National event, says there is a gap between the Guyanese and the rest of the world, but it is mainly down to the late introduction in Guyana, however, it is still at a relatively high standard.

“Last year was a completely new experience, just testing the waters, not knowing what to experience, just going to be enlightened and learn at bit but this year it is just about competing.”

With a desire to push herself to see her potential, Adonis has the Kares Caribbean Fitness Challenge on February 9 as the first step in being at her optimum shape for the Reebook Games. To her being crowned the fittest in the Caribbean would be a significant boost.

For Mahadeo, who some connote the description ‘Man of Steel’, his outing last year placed him 95th out 148 males but that was deemed to be the best from a Caribbean athlete.

“It was surreal; it is the pinnacle of the sport we are getting to compete. Guys I have been looking up to over the years, guys I try to emulate and now I share a floor with (them); (the) emotions were overwhelming.”

Involved in Cross Fit since August 2014, Mahadeo explained that while competition is high for these athletes, there is a greater camaraderie as they seek to share ideas on how constantly they push their bodies for better results.

“Last year going into the Games as rookies we just went to get the experience. We heard rumours that national champions are going to qualify. We didn’t have any expectations. We just soaked it up. This year we have predetermined goals and I am hoping to hit those markers going into this competition with more experience.”

The Reebok Games is the pinnacle of Cross Fit globally and the prestigious title of ‘fittest on earth’ is at stake.

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