Sudesh Persaud named McGill Sports Club’s Cricketer-of-the Year


The theme of McGill Super Stars Sports Club is “One Family Standing United and Strong”. That family is held together by the undying efforts on and off the field of Sudesh Persaud, who was deemed to be their 2019 Cricketer-of-the-Year at the club’s annual awards ceremony.

It was not just another night of dining at the New Thriving Restaurant at Providence, East Bank Demerara, on Wednesday, but one where hard work and success were duly recognised and awarded by the club.

The club is based at Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara.

Persaud, who was one of the founding members of the club in 1992, and acts like an energizer bunny to progress the club, took home the top award for a productive year.

In 16 matches, he scored 260 runs and took 12 wickets. He expressed that his efforts were done out of the love for the sport.

Winners! From left: Prahalad Singh, Keshram Seyhodan, Ganesh Singh, Daniel Basdeo, Sudesh Persaud and Travis Persaud

Persaud had revealed how the club grew from playing with little space and soft balls to one of the stronger suits in West Demerara cricket. In recent years they have produced national players Travis Persaud and Keshram Seyhodan.

Travis won three individual awards, one being the highest score via an even century, best fielder and the most runs, racking up 415 runs in his 16 matches.

Seyhodan copped the title for Most Valuable Player, playing 15 matches, scoring 367 runs and having 21 wickets.

Daniel Basdeo took the most wickets, 24, to seal that title and the best all-rounder accolade, given his 229 runs.

McGill Super Stars Sports Club members are joined by Richard Sukhdeo (left) and Anand Sanasie (right) at their annual awards ceremony

Abdul Razack was deemed most economical bowler, while Prahalad Singh had the highest strike rate for a batsman. The most improved player was Ganesh Persaud.

Special Awards were given to Trevor Lawrie, Troy Persaud, David Sears, Ravin Paramdeo, Rameshwar Persaud, Timothy Jaikaran, Romario Samaroo, Faizool Deo and Anand Sanasie.

Sanasie, the President of the West Demerara Cricket Association, spoke of how impressed he is with the growth of the club over the years and revealed it was actually Sudesh who lured him into the administration aspect of cricket.

Richard Sukhdeo, a club member and CEO of Teleco Solutions, expressed how gratifying it is to see the club produce quality players despite not having the best of facilities as yet. Sukhdeo also applauded the club for being able to make overseas tours from their own resources.

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