‘Potential impact’ from results of fast bowling clinic, says Physio Neil Barry Jr.


In late December 2019, Cricket West Indies and Guyana Jaguars Physiotherapist Neil Barry Jr. concluded a fast bowling clinic with a three-day camp at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

The free fast bowling camp was in conjunction with the University of West Indies through his Sports Medicine Master’s programme.

In a recent interview, Barry Jr. stated that while he still has to analyse the date, the results could possibly impact the way fast bowlers train.

“I think it is potentially impactful given that we can use the information received to understand just how much of a role specific types of training play on fast-bowling and hopefully be able to disseminate information to trainers and coaches a little bit more so that persons can develop on a broader spectrum and not those limited to national team set-ups.”

The camp was aimed at testing how fast bowlers react to upper body strength programmes as compared to upper body power programmes.

Strength programmes essentially refer to consistent gym work, while power speaks to more of explosive type activities.

“I would have to analyse the data that we collected, but I think from the point of view of having persons come in and work with coaches and be exposed to strength and conditioning that speaks to success on that front,” Barry added.

The participants had the opportunity to engage in cricket specific power training, and were able to have their bowling speed accurately measured each day with the support of a technical team from the University of the West Indies.

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