Sanjeev Datadin, Deodat Indar, Tony Viera among new PPP candidates


The Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) has introduced prominent attorney Sanjeev Datadin, private sector leader Deodat Indar and former PNC Parliamentarian Anthony Viera as new candidates for the party in the upcoming general and regional elections.

The names of Datadin, Indar and Viera were among the party’s list of candidates submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Friday afternoon.

Below is a full statement from the party on its list of candidates:

With 53 days to go, the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) today presented its impressive lists of candidates for the upcoming March 2nd , 2020 General and Regional Elections to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Having launched its campaign on January 5th 2020 with Presidential candidate, Dr. Irfaan Ali, and, Prime Ministerial candidate, retired Brigadier and former Chief of Staff, Mark Phillips, the PPP/C today demonstrated once again that it is truly national party, with competent candidates, drawn from across Guyana, who reflect our country’s unique diversity.

This diversity illustrates that the PPP/C, in this its 70th anniversary, remains relevant and rooted amongst the Guyanese people and nation. It has fielded lists of competent candidates to carry out elected positions in the 10 Administrative Regions and in the Legislature. These bring youth, energy, experience, technical and professional competence and a wealth of knowledge from all walks of life. These candidates and thousands of others across Guyana have committed to deliver the Party’s vision and plans for the development of our nation and of all of its people.

Many of the candidates are new and many are young, many have decided that it was time after nearly five years of the APNUAFC Coalition government that they could not sit on the fence anymore and decided to take that brave step forward to join the PPP/C as the only party with the policies and programmes that could restore Guyana to a development path for the benefit of all.  Many candidates have already proven their capabilities in their own professions, whilst ethers have demonstrated unquestionable proficiency during the Party’s tenure in government; a period when the country experienced years of sustained economic growth and unprecedented physical and social infrastructural development. During that period, the lives of Guyanese were positively transformed.


Our people have witnessed the incompetency and corruption of the APNU/AFC government; Guyanese are suffering from the wreckage caused by the Granger-led Government’s lack of vision, poor leadership, bad and anti-people policies, inept management, and, most serious of all the Coalition’s stealthy undermining of constitutional rule and democracy. The Coalition has been a failure; it failed the nation and it failed the people of this nation.

In contrast the PPP/C’s Plan for Prosperity 2020-2025 offers hope and real tangible benefits for every sector of Guyana, every region of Guyana, every man, woman and child.

Our “Plan for Prosperity” is comprehensive. Inter alia, it has measures that will:-

  • remove the 200 draconian taxes and fees;
  • create 50,000 new jobs thereby enhancing the well-being of all Guyanese;
  • create new measures that will stimulate the economy and encourage new investments and diversification of the economy, with special attention to rescuing the agricultural, forestry and mining sectors;
  • secure the benefits of Oil and Gas for all Guyanese;
  • develop new transformative projects that will lay the basis for the future;
  • provide cheaper and more reliable electricity, a necessity for economic growth and improved quality of life for all Guyanese;
  • connect every Guyanese to the future through access to cheaper data and bandwidth thus enabling new job creation.
  • provide a better quality of life with enhanced health services and quality education for all, affordable housing and access to and enhanced quality of water;
  • new measures to reduce crime and create safer communities;
  • empower women and take care of children and vulnerable groups;
  • mainstream youth in national life;
  • safeguard the rights of Amerindians and their access to opportunities and restore the Amerindian Land Titling Programme;
  • re-establish the Ministry of Labour and protect workers’ welfare;
  • broaden the Low Carbon Development Strategy to include wider environmental services, integrated water resources management and climate resilience, including the issue of better land management and access to land; and,
  • make our government systems more accessible and inclusive and open to all;
  • introduce measures to enhance transparency and strengthen accountability;
  • commence country wide dialogue on constitutional reform;
  • enhance participation and partnerships with civil society, non- governmental and faith-based organizations, including the Guyanese diaspora;
  • secure our sovereignty and strengthen international relations.

The combination of our President candidate Dr. Irfaan Ali, our Prime Minister candidate Mark Phillips, and our list of several hundred competent and patriotic candidates and the leadership of the PPP’s General Secretary Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, armed with a plan for the next 5 years to restore and transform our nation and the quality of life of all of its people, will succeed.

The PPP/C has a proven track record. The PPP/C built a strong and stable economy without the benefit of oil and gas. We are a Party of transformative policies and plans, and we keep our promises. These elections offer each of us a chance to choose the kind of life we and our children will have and the kind of country in which we will live.  The choice is clear. Only the PPP/C can rescue and transform Guyana.


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