GWI to be equipped with rig to drill new wells in Reg. 9


The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will soon be equipped with a rig that will drill through rocks to access water in Rupununi, Region Nine.

According to a statement from the water company, the rig will make a significant difference in the quality of water provided in the villages of Apoteri, Rewa and Crashwater. Those villages are accessible by a combination of land and water or air and water.

“Three more villages in North Rupununi can look forward to upgraded water systems and improved access to potable water in the near future, following assurances by the Guyana Water Inc that provisions will be made to drill new wells and install distribution networks,” GWI said.

GWI officials, led by Managing Director Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, journeyed to the villages to assess their current water and sanitation situations.

Dr. Van West-Charles addressing villagers in Crashwater (GWI photo)

While in Apoteri, the farthest village among the three, GWI officials learnt that only villagers residing close to the existing water system are benefitting from it, while those who live farther depend on hand-dug wells.

Toshao of Apoteri, Kenny Thomas indicated that the water in the wells go low during the dry season while similar situations exist in the other two villages.

Toshao of Rewa, Rudolph Edwards noted that during the rainy season, the hand-dug wells become contaminated and contribute to water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, according to the GWI.

Dr. Van West-Charles explained that with new technology, GWI will see to it that potable water is supplied to their homes. He enlightened them of the 22 wells that GWI drilled in 2019 and the commissioning of water supply systems in Sand Creek, Moco Moco, Kaicumbay, Yupukari and St. Ignatius.

He stated that GWI has taken note of the difficulties they have experienced in accessing water during the dry season in 2016/2017 and the company has since moved to drill wells that can withstand the seasons and produce water all year long.

Additionally, he alluded to the new technology GWI has acquired to treat surface water, in instances where groundwater is unavailable.

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