Koker doors collapse, flooding Leguan villages


Several villages on the Island of Leguan were again flooded as a result of multiple kokers being breached.

Director General (ag) of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Kester Craig in a Facebook post said the communities impacted include Blenhiem, Success, and Amsterdam.

He noted that representatives from Ministry of Public Infrastructure are assessing the situation and mobilising resources while the CDC is gathering information on the floods and preparing support for the Regional Democratic Council Disaster Response Mechanism.

In a video posted on his official Facebook page, it was explained that the metal door at one of the kokers collapsed.

“The grooves are broken that the …door was supposed to have been into, it would be impossible to [reinstall the door].”

The video also shows that the wooden external door was removed.
The 24 hours National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) remains activated and can be contacted on 226-1114, 2261027 and 600-7500

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