Change Guyana proposes Contractor General to vet public projects


Change Guyana Presidential Candidate Robert Badal has proposed the appointment of a Contractor General to review public projects to ensure that taxpayers get value for their money.

He noted that while there is the Procurement Commission to approve contracts, this entity does not revisit completed projects.

“Procurement Commission don’t go back and check that the value was actually realised. They don’t go back and say, ‘look, we approve two miles road and only one built and you spend all the money already.’ They don’t go back and see for example, the Charity – Supenaam wharf how many times it was rebuilt….so the Government don’t check anything, they have officers to supervise but they don’t supervise,” he said.

Badal spoke of corrupt practices under the current and previous governments, pointing to overpriced contracts to supporters who deliver substandard work without any warranty. He noted that there are too many roads built in Guyana for just the dry weather season.

The businessman also referred to the granting of concessions as a means of keeping supporters, mismanagement of state-owned corporations and leasing state lands to connected persons.

These things he said must change.

“Why do some of us vote corrupt leaders of the PPP and APNU/PNC to keep the rest of us in this mess, but the next day migrate to higher ground? Are we just self-destructive? Why do we vote as though we hate our country, hate our family and children? Guyanese are some of the most hard-working, fun-loving, innovative and adaptable people in the world. But yet we give the two most ethnically divisive political parties on the planet control over our lives and our children’s future,” Badal stated.

He called on Guyanese to vote for policies rather than race.

He also pledged to strengthen the law governing the Integrity Commission and make abuse of public office a criminal offence, noting that corruption in public office robs the citizens of major benefits.

Badal pledged that “new legislation will impose severe consequences for not only the takers of a bribe but also the givers, including jail sentences. Contractors convicted of bribery will be banned for life from participation in the bidding process.”

He is also touting a special corruption Court to expedite such cases.

Change Guyana along with several new parties were approved to contest the March 2 General and Regional Elections.

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