Change Guyana seeking female PM Candidate to replace Nigel Hinds


Change Guyana Presidential Candidate Robert Badal is looking for a female candidate to be his running mate for the March 2nd General and Regional Elections.

Badal on Tuesday told the media that his party is looking at several names on its Candidates List, submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Friday, to select a suitable Prime Ministerial Candidate to replace Nigel Hinds.

“Half of the country is female and if half of the country down tools, what happens with the country…of course we would like a female Prime Minister,” he said.

Hinds did not present himself as a candidate for the elections on Nominations Day last Friday; on Sunday he officially announced that he is not in the running for his party as the Prime Ministerial Candidate.

He bowed out of the race, deciding to keep his US citizenship to access healthcare in that country.

Hinds told the News Room on Monday that he found out he had diabetes and his kidneys were only functioning to a 50% capacity. He believes he should be treated in the US, describing the local healthcare system as the worst in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Hinds remains the Chairman of the party and has promised to be on the campaign trail.


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