Boy, 5, loses four fingers after lighting squib


Five-year-old Darrin Jaigobin of Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara is now hospitalized after losing four fingers when a squib he lit exploded in his hand.

His mother, 24-year-old Shirley George, told the News Room that she did not know he had the squib and only realized when she heard the explosion. She explained that he found it in the yard.

Little Darrin before his incident

Mostly likely it was from those in the neighbourhood who used a lot of squibs over the holiday period.

“I went outside to transfer my flower plants and heard something blow off in the house. I wanted to what it was, when I went I saw the boy come out with his hand bleeding and no fingers. I got confused and rushed him to the hospital,” the mother of two said.

He is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

She noted that Jaigobin is very smart and not known to be mischievous.

“His teachers always tell me he does do really good in school and me never get no problem with this boy.”

“He’s telling me that he cannot live without this hand and I told him ‘no you can live with one hand, it will be okay. He’s thinking about these things in his head,” the mother said.

The family is seeking assistance as they struggle to keep up with transportation costs traveling every day to the hospital. Anyone willing to assist can contact 618 2172.

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