Change Guyana promises to double old-age pension


Change Guyana on Tuesday presented its National Development Strategy, which includes some ideas that were already touted, including the construction of a new bridge across the Demerara River, liberalizing the telecommunications sector and implementing a fee of US$5 for every ton of bauxite exported.

But the party’s Presidential Candidate, Robert Badal also promised to double the current old-age pension.

“Imagine the pensioners work all their life [and get] $20,000. It is embarrassing and then DPI (Department of Public Information) will tell us the Coalition give a lot.

“Where is the lot? It’s a shame. Change Guyana commit to double that on the day we get into office,” Basal said at his weekly press conference at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown.

The old-age pension is currently $17,500. It was increased from $16,050 this year.

Robert Badal

With just forty days before elections day, Badal believes that the party which has promised to decrease taxes and increase disposable income is the best for Guyana.

Chairman of the party, Nigel Hinds urged citizens to vote for leaders who will honour their promises.

“It is essential that we pick leaders that are results-oriented and not just making promises because it fits in with the modus operandi –be it housing, health, education, general economic development –but when we look back and see our country now…with the highest migration, it tells you a story of failure of Governance,” Hinds said.

He said Change Guyana wants to address these issues.

Eleven parties have been approved by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to contest the March 2nd General and Regional Elections.

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