City Hall warns against ‘unhealthy’ practices in sale of fruits, vegetables


The Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown says it has received reports of unhealthy practices regarding the display, handling and sale of fruits, food, vegetables, etc., at the various Municipal Markets.

In a Public Service Announcement (PSA) Thursday, City Hall said it is prohibited for persons (vendors/tenants) to be selling any goods/food articles by placing/or storing them on the ground, as it would not be safe for human consumption.

This is in accordance with the Public Health Laws, under “Mode of Trade in and Sale of Provisions for the Food of Man”, By-Laws, Citation 2, which states that, “All articles of food exposed in a manner set forth in the by-laws shall be kept at a height of not less than two (2) feet from the sidewalk, pavement or ground above which they are placed.”

Failing to comply will result in person (s) not being permitted to sell, thereafter.

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