8 lucky customers get motorcycles, trips in Ultra Lubricants promotion


Eight winners in the Ultra Lubricants Oil N Go promotion were on Friday morning presented with their prizes, consisting of Honda Wave motorcycles and trips to Barbados.

The promotion, which was aimed at rewarding loyal sellers and users of Ultra Lubricants, spanned 9 months before coming to an end in December with the final of three drawings being completed.

The presentation ceremony was held at the head office of Industrial Supply of Guyana Inc. (ISG) at Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara.

It was there that Operations Manager Natasha Ali gave further insight into how the promotion was ran.

“…users were tasked to full out to coupon every time they made a purchase. Those coupons were then given to the re-sellers. Every month we would draw one winner from coupons collected by re-sellers,” she stated.

The activity that produced the 6 winners also produced 2 additional winners from among the loyal sellers of Ultra lubricants being rewarded.

Aderemie Adams, Raymond Jones, Roypen Mootain, Daywattie Dhanrajh Latchman Gopaul and Harrychand Khelaswar are all owners of new Hoda Wave motrcycles valued at $250,000. Ultra lubricant re- sellers Shellisa Singh and Richard Singh of R&L Spares and Accessories along with Ramdeo Ramkissoon of Rajin’s Auto Paint and Accessories won thickets for two to vacation in Barbados.

One grateful motorcycle winner took the time to express his feelings about the promotion.

“I never won anything before so actually wining a motor cycle valued at over $250,000 is really a blessing and from since then to now I continue to use the oil. I continue to recommend it and will continue to recommend it; it just works,” winner Raymond Jones said.

The promotion saw [ISG] teaming up with National Petroleum [NP] Trinidad, the manufacturers of Ultra Lubricants.

Kendal Charles, NP’s Accounts Manager, made clear the company’s commitment to excellent service and quality associated with Ultra Lubricants.



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