Sisters arrested for stabbing Linden schoolgirl


Two sisters, ages 13 and 15, have been arrested in connection with the stabbing of their schoolmate, 15-year-old Shashamani Williams, who is currently hospitalized.

Regional Commander Hugh Winter told the News Room that the Police is seeking advice on how long to keep the teens in custody while they await a medical report from the Linden Public Hospital where Williams is a patient. She is said to be in a critical but stable state in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital.

Williams suffered injuries to her diaphragm, muscles and tendons, her left lung, spleen and her stomach, Public Relations Officer of the Linden Hospital, Toshanna Allicock stated.

A snippet of the video shows the student stabbing the teenager

The News Room understands that Williams was stabbed at about 15:00hrs outside of the Linden Foundation Secondary School where the students attend.

The incident was recorded and shared on social media. In the video, students of the secondary school were seen cheering as the fight occurred; Williams and the 13-year-old suspect fought over what one of them deemed “disrespect” for the other.

Just over a minute into the fight, another student who is believed to be the 15-year-old sister of the younger girl, approached Williams and stabbed her to her lower back with a hunting knife before fleeing the scene.

The girl was left with the knife protruding from her body as persons urged her not to pull it out.

As she pleaded for someone to take her to the hospital, a woman was able to stop a car and she was rushed to the Linden Hospital.

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