Corentyne farmer executed while tying cows in backdam


A 40-year-old rice and cattle farmer was on Thursday night shot and killed at the Number 68 Backdam, Corentyne Berbice.

Dead is Parmanand Lakeram called “Fancy and Bachand,” a father of four.

The News Room understands that Lakeram and two of his workers ventured into the backdam to check on his pump and at about 20:30hrs, when they heard a motorcycle approaching and noticed the headlight.

At the time, Lakeram was untying two cows and he reportedly told his workers to hide while he investigated. As he walked towards the motorcycle, several shots were fired striking Lakeram about seven times across his body.

Upon hearing the gunshots, the two workers reportedly ran in different directions, as gunfire continued into the air.

After the motorcycle sped off, the two workers rushed to Lakeram’s assistance and subsequently came out of the back dam and alerted family members who informed the Police.

Before succumbing to his injuries, the injured man reportedly told the workers who shot him.

The two workers were held for questioning.

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