Coronavirus: Two Guyanese students in Wuhan; Gov’t working to bring them home


The government is seeking to bring home two Guyanese students who are studying in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, where the outbreak of the new coronavirus began in China.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Karen Cummings told the News Room at the sidelines of an event at Durban Park on Friday that the students are on scholarship in China and are so far “safe”.

Hubei has been the site of almost 60% of infections, as well as more than 95% of deaths, Reuters news agency reported on Friday.

“They are safe up to now we are not hearing anything and we are hoping that they will remain safe and take preventative measures,” the Minister said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Karen Cummings

The World Health Organization on Thursday declared the outbreak a global health emergency. A total of 213 persons have died and there are now some 10,000 infections reported.

“We know the WHO has just declared it a global health emergency. We do have two [Guyanese] students there, efforts are being made to bring them home, but they have to work with the Chinese advisory cause they have to be contained right now,” the Minister said.

Minister Cummings added that they are strict orders and advisories that they have to cooperate with.

“Where they are in Wuhan for them to go out to the airports there are different stations, and each station you have to be quarantined for about 14 days.”

The Minister said government is in direct contact with Guyana’s Foreign mission in China.

Minister Cummings is urging that the two students take the necessary precautions until it is safe to travel.

Government officials will meet with the parents of the students on Saturday.

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