Mega 102.1FM recognising ‘Women of Substance’


Whether she is at the grassroots or at the CEO level, Mega 102.1FM is looking to uncover and recognise women who are creating a difference and change in society.

It is the first of its kind ‘Mega Women of Substance Award’ which seeks to honour women of all ages and backgrounds who are facing struggles and challenges.

The Manager of Mega 102.1FM Phillip Williams spoke with the News Room recently and said they have received over 100 nominations so far.

“The Mega Women of Substance Award is the brainchild of our director, Cassia Alphonso and she tells us the story that she was in the mall and looking at women as they pass by and she started to think about what are some of the challenges women go through and sometimes we can’t tell because we see women look lovely,” Williams said.

The Manager of Mega 102.1FM Phillip Williams

The award will also be used as a platform to celebrate women for International Women’s Day which is observed on March 8 annually.

“This is for the woman we don’t hear about, the unsung heroes, the woman no one celebrates,” Williams said.

Nominations for the awards are open until February 15, however, only 10 women will be awarded at a dinner and ceremony on March 15.

A Radio Presenter, Dessia Braithwaite is also part of the planning committee and explained how to nominate someone.

Dessia Braithwaite

“All you have to do is go to Mega 102.1FM [Facebook] page; once you get there you will see a form and fill it out, easy does it,” Braithwaite said.

Braithwaite is also a single mother and works hard to support her family.

“Anybody out there who knows a woman… it can be your grandmother, one of your workmates, your friend it can even be your mother, once you notice this person really contributes, gets up every day and give back to society in whatever way that person would have chosen to, here’s a chance to put that person out there and allow them to know we as a country, we as women as Guyana we appreciate you, we see you.”

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