Superhighway, high rise Harbour Bridge, State of the art hospital among plans for Region Three


Addressing thousands of supporters a stone’s throw away from his hometown, Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Irfaan Ali made huge promises of investing in the infrastructure, the health care system and the sport sector in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara).

Born and bred at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, Ali told supporters at Stewartville Sunday evening that if the PPP is voted in office at the March 2, 2020 polls, they will construct a “new superhighway” along the West Coast and West Bank of Demerara which will be connected to a four-lane high rise bridge across the Demerara River.

“It is this superhighway that will open up thousands more acres of lands for housing, agriculture and industrial development,” Ali said to a roaring crowd.

Ali promised that a PPP government will invest in a State of the Art regional hospital in Region Three and build daycare centres along with re-investing in all diagnostic and health centres across the country.

The young Presidential Candidate also committed to a ‘waterfront development’ for the Demerara River on the west side and for Parika.

Presidential Candidate of the PPP Irfaan Ali addressing supporters

“That waterfront development must not be stolen from the people in Region Three and be given away to people in a corrupt manner. We are going to ensure that the people in Region Three are connected to the development of the waterfront on the Demerara and Essequibo River.”

Exciting the thousands with his promises, Ali said that the private sector of Region Three must be involved in the development.

Ali also committed to setting aside money every year to construct and rehabilitate farm to market access road across the region.

“We are going to realise the dream of Dr Cheddi Jagan when we complete the Del Conte road link from Parika to Rockstone into Bartica.

“We are going to link Region Three with Region Seven. We are going to link Agriculture with mining, with forestry. We are going to create a strong, vibrant, secure economy for you here in Region Three.”

A section of PPP supporters Sunday at Stewartville [News Room photo]
He said the PPP has committed in its manifesto to establish a Youth Advisory Council to the President.

“We can expose our young people to policymaking at the highest level.”

Agriculture Sector

Speaking directly to sugar workers and farmers, Ali said a PPP government will invest in export-oriented facilities in Region Three and will ensure that they are internationally certified.

He again promised to expand the rice sector and re-open the sugar estates that were closed by the APNU+AFC Government.

“Not only are you going to get what they’ve stolen from you but we’re going to give you transitional support until you get on your feet again,” Ali said to sugar workers.

Some PPP supporters [News Room photo]
He added, “We are building an economy where we can invest in agro-business, agro-processing facility, we have to be able to invest in cash crop and ensure that the diversification of the agricultural sector is geared towards not only our local economy but to the requirement of the rest of CARICOM and further afield.”

According to Ali, the PPP will reduce the interest rates on loans for farmers and provide special grants and low-income loans.

Oil and Gas

A PPP Government he said will invest revenue from the booming oil and gas sector to train and equip residents of Region Three.

“The future of this region will see investment in industrial development that will bring new type of technical jobs.

“Machining is an important aspect of an oil and gas sector and we are going to invest in industrial facilities that will have benefit from the downstream of oil and gas. “

Sports and Entertainment

Ali, in laying out extravagant plans for the sports industry, revealed that the PPP will invest in multi-purpose state of the art sports facilities in all ten administrative regions.

He also promised to construct an international standard racing track at South Dakota Circuit.

“Every segment of the population will see themselves involved in the future of the country,” Ali shouted.

As President, Ali said he will revive the entertainment sector and provide incentives to support local artistes and promoters.

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