Chinese say Coronavirus travel ban an overreaction; Chinese doctors ready to return to Guyana


The Chinese Embassy in Guyana is seeking an arrangement to have 16 Chinese doctors who travelled to China for the Chinese New Year returned to Guyana despite the travel ban.

Guyana has said it will most likely deny entry to those who travel from China and those who do will be screened and subject to an isolation period.

In an interview with the News Room, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Cui Jianchun said a travel ban is not the answer to the problem. There are over 100 persons who travelled to China from Guyana and have been affected by the travel ban.

The Ambassador said the Chinese doctors, in particular, are in a province not heavily affected by the coronavirus and is hoping that a decision will be made soon to have them returned to Guyana.

Ambassador Cui indicated that China is sparing no effort to get a hold of the situation.

“You know in China… the top priority is this epidemic. We are fighting, we are confident to win this war,” Ambassador Cui told the News Room.

When Chinese workers at a store in Georgetown started wearing masks, Ambassador Cui Jianchun was not happy at all.

“We told them this is not good behaviour it’s not a good act. It really caused confusion for Guyanese side,” the Ambassador related.

China’s biggest challenge in fighting the spread of the virus is getting people to stay at home, especially in the epicentre of Wuhan in Hubei province.  Two Guyanese students are in Wuhan.

“People in Wuhan cannot move freely. They cannot move out of the city, because this virus is man to man – human transmission. So the most challenge is how can we let me people understand the current situation; stay at home.”

China is partnering with others and in expediting research to develop a vaccine against the virus.

“We have to find the source,” Cui stated.

Many countries have sought to impose a travel ban, restricting entry to persons who travel from China. But Ambassador Cui said countries should respect the opinion and the recommendation of the WHO, the World Health Organisation.

The World Health Organisation last week reiterated its call to all countries not to impose restrictions inconsistent with the International Health Regulations, saying such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.

Ambassador Cui Jianchun’s message is for Guyanese not to panic or fear.

The Embassy has a team dedicated to assisting Guyana, including posting translators at the airport to interview those who may arrive in the country from China.

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