Suspect arrested following robbery at Giftland Mall


One of the two suspects in the brazen robbery at the Giftland Mall has been arrested hours after the incident.

Proprietor for the Mall, Roy Beepat in a statement Tuesday said it was the Mall’s security systems, intelligence and cameras that resulted in the arrest.

“This is less than 24 hours after the robbery and is a testament to the strong systems in place to deter such would-be robbers, who will think twice before trying to rob any concession at the Mall again,” Beepat stated.

The incident occurred at about 21:30hrs Monday at a small concession on the ground floor of the mall.

Security footage shows when the two men armed with guns casually walked into the mall and headed straight to a cashier and demanded cash. They then fled the scene with the cash and guns in their hands.

Customers were paying bills at the time of the robbery.

Beepat noted that this was the first type robbery since the Mall opened four years ago. The Mall has 46 full-time security officers.

Beepat noted “our application for arming our Head and Deputy Head of security has been denied by the Authorities and their recommendations for Supernumerary accreditation being stuck in the system for the past few years.”

Meanwhile, the Proprietor admitted that some security concerns need to be addressed moving forward and these will be dealt with to limit these types of robbery attempts.

“The Mall prides itself on its attention to the security concerns, and deeply regrets this incident, which should have been avoided, efforts will be redoubled to ensure we… maintain the high standards which we have kept since the Mall has been opened,” Beepat stated.

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