APNU+AFC takes election rally to Mahdia


The six-party APNU+AFC Coalition took its re-election rally to Mahdia, Region 8 on Wednesday with President David Granger declaring victory over the PPP controlled Potaro/Siparuni Region in the upcoming March 2, 2020 general and regional elections.

The PPP was victorious in the region at the May 2015 polls where it picked up more regional seats than its main political rival, the APNU+AFC, and had put in place Bonaventure Fredericks to oversee the Region’s affairs as its Chairman.

But recently, Fredericks announced plans to walk away from the PPP and is now throwing his support behind the APNU+AFC coalition.

He took the stage at the Mahdia rally before the feature address by the Presidential Candidate.

Chairman of Region 8, Bonaventure Fredericks [Photo taken from APNU+AFC Facebook page]
Denying that his support was bought by the coalition, Fredericks said he had a choice to make in moving forward and he decided to support the re-election of President Granger.

“When I announced that I was going to support this government it brought big problems for me. I was called a traitor, I was called a thief, I was called many names, I was called stupid and much more I was called a jackass…

“The decision I made hurt the people who had chosen me and they spread lies about me and that I was bought by the APNU+AFC,” Fredricks said to a cheering gathering of locals.

Fredericks said he continues to work towards the development of Region Eight.

When President Granger took the stage, he singled out the presentation of Fredericks and thanked him for his words of wisdom.

President David Granger and First Lady Sandra Granger at the rally in Mahdia [Photo taken from APNU+AFC Facebook page]
“Nobody bought him off or paid him… he is not a traitor, he has seen the light,” Granger said.

He called on residents to support his coalition movement so that the PPP will never again take control of the region.

The incumbent President said politics is not magic, it is purely mathematics as he expressed confidence in his party’s ability to secure victory in the region.

“It is not a red region; this is a green and gold region… thank you for support in the upcoming election.”

Granger welcomed all PPP defectors, declaring that “more and more people are abandoning the PPP and are coming over to six-party coalition.”

“They [the PPP] will lose the general and regional elections…PPP belong to the past and doesn’t belong to Guyana’s future. They belong in the garbage bag of history,” the president added.

He told residents that although the region has a small population, it has great potential and promised that his government, once re-elected will continue to build on that potential.

He said there are plans to ensure that the mining industry is improved so that the people of Mahdia can continue to make a living.

Granger boasted of the many changes that have taken place in Region Eight and admonished voters there that in order to see a continuation they should go out and vote for the coalition.

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