Fmr. soldier beaten to death had told family he was going to seek employment


By Isanella Patoir

Former soldier Daniel Jermaine Forde, 22, Monday afternoon told his family that he was going to seek employment in Linden.

But on Tuesday, he was beaten to death by residents of Silver Hill, Soesdyke/Linden Highway who accused him of attempting to rob a female shopkeeper.

His brother, Joshua Fraser, told the News Room that Forde packed a bag and left his ‘B’ Field Sophia, Georgetown home Monday afternoon saying he was going to seek employment in the mining town on Linden.

The next heard of him was when neighbours showed them the news on social media Tuesday.

Fraser does not believe that his brother tried to rob anyone but rather might have said something that got him killed.

When the News Room spoke to Forde’s father, Eon Fraser, he was heading to the location to find out what exactly happened to his son.

“I just want to talk to people and ask them what time he leave and so,” he said.

Mr Fraser said his son actually left to stay with his brother, Eddy Fraser, in Linden to seek employment.

“My son is not no badman; he like hype up heself but he don’t trouble or thief nobody thing. All those documents he had, he was no thief,” the father of seven said.

A post mortem is scheduled for Friday and the family is calling for justice.

“I want to see justice for my son, I will not let it go down so,” the father said.

Police Headquarters revealed that the 36-year-old shopkeeper was operating her business when Forde invaded the shop armed with a cutlass and demanded money. She said he fired at the grill on the shop and damaged a flat-screen television.

Residents heard the woman screaming and flocked the shop; they managed to unarm the young man and beat him before handing him over to the Police.

A photo sent to the News Room shows that residents tied pieces of wood to the body of the young man and then stuffed him inside a tyre.

The photo shows Forde in a bloodied state with obvious injuries to the head.

Residents found a document from the GDF in Forde’s pocket dated 2018 which revealed that he went absent without leave in August 2015 and was discharged from the Force in November 2017.

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