Unidentified woman killed in Linden Highway accident


Police are seeking the identity of a woman who was struck down and killed in the vicinity of the Moblissa Bridge on the Linden Highway at around 23:30hrs Wednesday.

The News Room understands that the 50-year-old driver of the hire car (HD 119) involved in the accident is in Police custody assisting with the investigations.

According to reports, the driver of Amelia’s Ward, Linden, told the Police that he was heading to Georgetown at a fast rate of speed when he saw the woman crossing the road.

He applied brakes to avoid a collision but the right side front of the car crashed into the woman.

The ambulance later arrived at the scene and found that she was unconscious; she was pronounced dead on arrival at the Linden Hospital Complex.

The body of the mix raced woman is at the Wismar Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination.

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