Brothers, aged 6 & 3, rescued from burning house


Two brothers ages 6 and 3, were rescued by neighbours when their “D” Field Sophia house caught fire just after 21:00hrs Thursday.

The children were left in the care of their uncle Nicholas Harvey, who is also the owner of the house. The children’s mother Kiesha (only name given) was at work at the time of the fire.

The News Room understands that the mother works as a waitress at a bar from 16:00hrs until 02:00am.

A neighbour, Candace Callender, said Harvey had gone to a shop and left the children alone when the fire started. She said she was just arriving home from work when she heard about the fire.

“I come when the fire was almost out of control…a boy come and ask me for Nicholas and I say what happened and he tell me he house burning and I run and ask for his nephews cause the house was in blaze. I bring them [children] over at my house and keep on looking for the uncle,” Callender said.

Neighbours told the News Room that by the time the fire service arrived the wooden structure was already burnt. The family was not able to save anything inside the house.

“Me ain’t really know how the fire start cause me ain’t really find out cause I just look to make sure the children safe,” Callender said.

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