Investor group to build two ‘branded’ hotels on ECD


Two other branded hotels, which will include a miniature golf course, will be constructed at Ogle, East Coast Demerara (ECD) by a company named Caribbean Marketing Enterprise Inc. (CMEI).

The announcement was made Saturday by the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL) three days after the sod was turned for the construction of a Marriott-branded hotel at Ogle.

A brief statement from NICIL noted that the sod for the CMEI hotels will be turned on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, and the feature address will be given by Minister of Finance Winston Jordan.

According to NICIL, CMEI secured twenty acres of land at Ogle to construct the hotels “uniquely positioned in a complex driven by solar power, therein consistent with Guyana’s “green economy” vision.”

“CMEI will construct the hotels in the 120-130 room range with world-class amenities inclusive of a miniature golf course, clubhouse, entertainment centre, swimming pool, solar farm and green space allocation.”

According to NICIL, this company was incorporated on April 24, 2017, under the Companies Act of Guyana 1991 with a registered office at 199 Thomas Street, Kitty, Georgetown.

It was noted by NICIL that the company is owned by a group of businessmen/investors who “possess vast experience and expertise in the fields of financial management, engineering and construction capabilities. Over the years they have successfully led their own companies and served on numerous boards as consultants in varied fields internationally.”

The land use has been divided as follows:

Solar Farm 7.5 acres
Club House / Entertainment Centre / Mini Golf Course 5 acres
Hotel #1 and supporting commercial 4 acres
Hotel #2 and supporting commercial 3.5 acres


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