22-Y-0 suspected bandit had criminal record; mother collapses at the scene


By Isanella Patoir

Twenty-two-year-old Randy Bowen who was shot and killed in William Street, Campbellville, Georgetown Tuesday afternoon, was previously charged and remanded for robbery.

Bowen lived with his mother in Duncan Street, Campbellville.  The mother collapsed at the scene after seeing her son’s body.

His father, Andrew Bowen spoke with reporters and confirmed that Bowen was charged twice for robberies and served time in prison.

Randy Bowen’s mother collapsed at the scene [News Room photo]
“About twice he was charged…same stealing he did about three or four months remand in prison,” the father said.

The details surrounding the incident are still sketchy at this time but initial reports indicate that the young Bowen and an accomplice robbed a woman of her handbag in William Street, Campbellville, Georgetown. They were shot by a resident while attempting to run through a yard.

They both collapsed at the scene and it appeared that Bowen was shot multiple times while his alleged accomplice is nursing gunshot injuries.

Andrew Bowen

The senior Bowen identified the body of his son at the scene but told the Police that he does not know the accomplice.

The distraught father, who is a vendor at Stabroek Market, said he saw his son an hour before he was shot and killed.

“My son meet me in the market this afternoon about 3 o clock, he ask me for a $1000, I give him and he left about an hour after I get a phone call that my son get shoot by the police,” the father said.

The father of three said he tried talking to his son multiple times about following bad company, but he never listened.

The area where the shooting occurred [News Room photo]
“There is so much a father could do, you make your children but you don’t make their mind.”

The father explained that his son was fired from the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) about a year ago and was unemployed.

“He is a alright person, he was a kind person at least to he sister and he mother, the only problem is the same stealing and following bad company but otherwise he is a good kid,” the father noted.

Police are yet to identify the second suspect who is hospitalised with gunshot injuries.

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