Concacaf empowers GFF through Executive Mentorship Programme


In its efforts to professionalise and strengthen the operations of its 41 Member Associations (MAs), the Confederation of Concacaf has implemented an Executive Mentorship Programme (EMP) and last Saturday and Sunday GFF Executives were the beneficiaries of the training at the Pegasus Hotel.

The two-day EMP, was facilitated by Jamaican Mr. Howard McIntosh, who is also in charge of the One Concacaf Programme and Special Projects within the Caribbean, and Mr. David Sabir, General Secretary of the Bermuda Football Association.

McIntosh, no stranger to these shores, informed that Concacaf has been investing a lot in coaches education and referees training.

He said this has a direct impact on the field of play and the time is right for the focus to also involve off-the-field happenings where the level of operations at the respective executive levels is more professional and in adherence to the rules, regulations and statutes of FIFA and Concacaf.

“We designed this programme last year, which is now bringing about a focus on administration and governance and we’re very happy to be here. We’re doing it in all 41 countries in Concacaf; Guyana is one of our very respected MAs and we’re happy to see the progress that is being made with the GFF in relation to football generally, and even in the areas of administration and governance.”

McIntosh indicated that normally programmes would have been held for the respective presidents and secretaries of the MAs only, but they have now individualized the workshops to meet with all the MAs, Executive Committee members or board members to spend time with them to expose them to best practices from across the region and the globe.

The experienced McIntosh said that the response garnered from the GFF is by no means a surprise to the facilitating team and, by extension, Concacaf.

“It’s consistent with our expectations actually in terms of the GFF because of the significant progress that has been made on and off the field. We‘re looking forward to the follow up that comes from it in terms of the various areas of administration, strategic planning and working with the Federation to ensure that the best practices are implemented in those areas where it may not be and continue to work with them in terms of improving the things that they have and of course the things that they may want to do in terms of the strategic objectives of the Federation.”

It was also disclosed that the Executive is meant to educate and expose the other members of the GFF family to the knowledge they acquired.

“But the hope is that the information that would have been delivered at the workshop would be disseminated and communicated to the other members of the football family in Guyana. It is important that we understand that good administration and good governance is fundamental to the success that we have on the field.”

He also shared that it is important for the members of the GFF to understand their rights as members as well as their obligations to the GFF.

“It is to bring about a better understanding within Guyana in this instance in terms of how football should be administered and how it should be governed.”

The EMP would be done over a two-year period and commenced in late 2019. McIntosh stated that they would be very aggressive this year in terms of the number of MAs that would be targeted. The next EMP for a MA would be in two weeks. (GFF)

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