66 persons given National Awards in honour of Guyana’s 50th Republic anniversary


On the occasion of the 5oth Republic Anniversary of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, His Excellency David Granger, MSS, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Chancellor of the Orders of Guyana is pleased to make the following appointments under the Order of Roraima and the Order of Service of Guyana.

Order of Roraima

  1. Hon Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados

Order of Service

  1. Cacique’s Crown of Honour
  2. The Right Reverend Charles Alexander Davidson
  3. Abraham Agustus Clemwood Fung-A-Fat
  4. Neville Bhagwandeen Gobin
  5. Edmond Montague Grant
  6. Professor John Edward Greene
  7. Cecil Edward Harricharran
  8. Fawcett Anthony Jeffrey
  9. Dalgleish Joseph
  10. Ambassador Charlene Alexis Phoenix
  11. Justice William Rajendra Ramlall
  12. Claude Augustus Saul
  13. Nehaul Prashad Singh
  14. Paul Esmond Slowe
  15. Michael Orrin David Somersall
  16. Godfrey Steve Statia
  1. Golden Arrow of Achievement
  2. Mark Anthony Archer
  3. Mavis Anita Benn
  4. Marlan Kwesi Cole
  5. Charles Mitroy Corbin
  6. Reverend Roshanna Gillis
  7. Catherina Penda Guyan
  8. Sheran Roxanna Harper
  9. Troy Henry
  10. Loris Emille Heywood
  11. Ranald Andrew Jacobs
  12. Pastor Richard Avert James
  13. Edward Jameson
  14. Zaida Joaquin
  15. Lincoln Brandon Lewis
  16. Frederick McWilfred
  17. Cita Indranie Pilgrim
  18. Cheryl Sampson
  19. Olive Beverly Sampson
  20. Varshnie Udho Singh
  21. Clinton Murphy Williams
  22. Apostle Jason Clifton Yorrick



  1. Medal of Service
  2. Wesley Adrian Benjamin
  3. Mark Anthony Benschop
  4. Paulette Patricia Bollers
  5. Terrence Glenberth Boston
  6. Donna Bowen
  7. Lucille Elaine Cadogan
  8. Beverly Clenkien
  9. Jenny Benn-Daly
  10. Ann Pamela Forde
  11. Gregory Douglas Fraser
  12. Claire Ann Goring
  13. Virgil Harding


  1. Phyllis Erica Jackson
  2. Glenyss Barbara James
  3. Jainarine Maraj
  4. Leon Randolph Mc Donald
  5. Doreen Evelyn Blackman Ng-A-Qui
  6. Kissoon Dyal Persaud
  7. Premnauth Prashad
  8. Urica Yernesi Primus
  9. Deserdeen Roberts
  10. Kaylan Persaud Sharma
  11. Beverly Ann Somerset

Military Service Medal

  1. Colonel Raul Kenneth Jerrick
  2. Lieutenant Colonel Denzil Walter Carmichael

Disciplined Services Star

  1. Chief Fire Officer Marlon Anthony Gentle

Disciplined Services Medal

  1. Assistant Commissioner of Police Kevin Adonis
  2. Assistant Commissioner of Police Edgar Mortimer Thomas
  3. Deputy Chief Fire Officer Jacqueline Bonita Greene

His Excellency President David Granger and members of the Advisory Council for the Orders of Guyana, offer sincere congratulations to the sixty-six (66) persons who have been honoured. (Ministry of the Presidency)

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