Colourful 50th Republic ‘Mashramani’ road parade


A total of 30 Mashramani Bands revelled through the streets of Georgetown Sunday for the annual road parade.

The country this year celebrates 50 years as a republican nation under the theme -Guyana Together: Reflect, Celebrate, Transform.

The word “Mashramani” is derived from an Amerindian language and in translation means “the celebration after hard work”. Of the 30 bands, only 27 bands will be judged; officials said the other three asked not to be judged.

Bands came from all the different regions showcasing their creative costumes and hoping to win the competition.  The parade is one of the highlights for the Mash celebrations. Every school, ministry and organisation would have started the celebration since the month began with a number of competitions.

Mashramani is celebrated as a time of love and unity and the country’s six races play a major role, whether it is through songs, poetry, the creative arts and even the road parade.

Inclement weather threatened the celebrations, but it did not stop the costumes and floats from displaying their bright and colourful designs.

Families came out in their numbers and picnicked at the side of the road eager to see the bands pass by while vendors also lined the roads.

The parade kicked off from Camp Street onto to Carifesta Avenue then through Vlissengen Road and finally at Durban Park, with judges’ booths set up along the way.

A spectator told the News Room, “I am enjoying it extremely well, so far it’s looking good.”

Another spectator said, “It’s colourful, everybody is happy and having fun in this particular moment it is something very beautiful and I am enjoying it.” See images in slider below:

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