IAC urges safe Republic Day celebrations


See full statement from IAC:

The Indian Action Committee (IAC), in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of Guyana having achieved republican status on 23rd February 1970, is calling upon all Guyanese citizens, including those who will be involved in public celebrations, to observe this day in a safe and considerate manner given the fact that many persons will be consuming alcohol in large quantities.

The IAC further calls upon all drivers who are involved in festivities to observe the basic rule of not drinking and driving.

The IAC recognizes that the date itself is linked to the Berbice uprising of enslaved persons of African origin, which allowed the then Dutch colony of Berbice to be administered by the temporarily freed slaves for a period of one year between 1763 and 1764.

The IAC also recognizes that a number of citizens particularly dislocated sugar workers and many recently dismissed bauxite workers and their families will not be partaking in this year’s activities because of severe financial constraints and the organization encourages these persons to remain within their own communities and observe the day in private gatherings.

The IAC understands that many families of all ethnicities have been suffering and, presently, continue to suffer untold hardships in this current state of an economic downturn in Guyana which began over four years ago.

The IAC is cognizant of the political and ethnic tensions that have risen to a dangerously high level in light of the fiercely contested upcoming General and Regional Elections, which, if not managed tactfully, can lead to the destabilization of the entire society given Guyana’s turbulent post-Independence political history.

The IAC is highly concerned that the mishandling of the brand new petroleum industry will very likely result in future hardships for the vast majority of the ordinary Guyanese working-class people given the sordid history of international oil companies operating in poor Third-World countries; and the organization is calling upon the new government to act swiftly to undo these mistakes that, if not remedied, will cause unpardonable punishment on these citizens.

The IAC joins with the political parties, religious bodies, trade unions and other civil society groups in the call for inclusion, genuine and lasting national unity in the drive towards economic development and prosperity.

The IAC wishes all Guyanese a Happy 50th Republic Anniversary.

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