‘Don’t break my heart’- President tells Region One supporters


Having lost the elections by over 3,000 votes in Region One in 2015, President David Granger on Wednesday urged the residents at Mabaruma to vote for the APNU+AFC coalition at both the general and regional elections.

At the May 2015, the APNU+AFC won 2,788 votes in Region One while the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) won 6,278 votes which gave themthe Regional Democratic Council (RDC).

“You’ll never be rich and prosperous, you’ll never be happy with this RDC [Regional Democratic Council],” President Granger told the residents of the Barima-Waini Region which have traditionally thrown its support behind the PPP/C.

“Don’t break my heart again,” the President told supporters as he spoke of the public education scheme under which conditional cash transfers will be provided, the Hinterland Employment Youth Service (HEYS) programme launched under his Government and the promise of free university education.

President David Granger greets supporters at the Mabaruma rally [Photo taken from APNU+AFC Facebook page]
He also spoke of the Venezuelan migrants who have been taking up residence in communities along the border and promised increased security to prevent criminal activities.

Region One and Seven have seen the intrusion of thousands of Venezuelan migrants as a result of an economic crisis in their country.

“The Venezuelans are good people but some are bad,” the President said referring to the Syndicato gang which was reportedly causing havoc in border communities in early 2019.

Meanwhile, the Coalition boasted of having done more in its one term in office for the Barima-Waini region when compared to the previous administration.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Karen Cummings said the upgraded roads, provision of transportation and potable water are reasons to re-elect the Coalition.

Some of the supporters at the Mabaruma rally [Photo taken from APNU+AFC Facebook page]
“No government has done more in such short space of time and we will continue to do more so come March Second, place your X for the APNU+AFC and don’t stop the progress,” she noted.

A total of 660, 998 persons are registered to vote in the 2020 general and regional elections. Of that amount, 8,369 members of the joint services voted on Friday last and 83 ambassadors and Guyanese serving overseas voted last week.

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