‘Spoil Child’ critical; reputed wife dead after shooting incident in Linden


A shooting incident in Linden, Region 10 on Thursday has left one dead and former policeman Teon Allen, known as ‘Spoil Child’ in a critical condition at the Linden Hospital complex.

The dead woman has been identified as the reputed wife of Allen, 28 – year – old Collissa Hunte. Regional Commander, Hugh Winter confirmed the shooting with the News Room.

He said the incident occurred in Amelia’s Ward shortly around 13:30 hrs. Allen was reportedly shot once in the back.

Teon Allen known as ‘Spoil Child.’

The Commander could not say how many times the woman was shot. Winter told the News Room that there are numerous bullet holes in the house where Allen and the woman were at the time.

There are no other immediate details on the shooter or how the incident unfolded but a police investigation is underway.

This is not the first attempt on Spoil Child’s life. The former Policeman, who is a suspected gang leader, faced charges for shooting at a police officer and was last October charged for the attempted murder of Denise Grant and Tiffany McDeth, in Amelia’s Ward, on September 2, 2019.

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