Aurora Police Station now has witness protection room, caters for domestic violence victims


Rehabilitation works to the Aurora Police Station on the Essequibo Coast began in November 2017 and was completed in November 2019 to the tune of $40.3M under the Inter-American Development Bank, Citizens Security and Strengthening Programme (CSSP).

The reconstructed structure was commissioned on Thursday by Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.

Speaking at the Commissioning ceremony, Minister Ramjattan noted that it is essential and fundamental that Policemen and women work in a comfortable environment.

“With this new building, the Police in Aurora in the Essequibo Coast here, is in a better position to protect and serve residents and it’s a truth, better circumstances for any human being will create better capabilities for the service to provide,” the Minister said.

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.[DPI photo]
In 2015, the Coalition Government earmarked 18 police stations across the country to be rebuilt or rehabilitated under the CSSP.

“Twelve of the 18 stations has been completed at a cost of $380M and that’s a big investment that we have kept,” the Minister said.

As a result of the dilapidated state of Aurora Station, it was rebuilt and remodelled.

The station is now equipped with a department for domestic violence cases, a witness protection room, a case management room which will be fully digitalized, an area for the management of the public and a listening room.

“When Police facilities are poor, victims are required to wait for long periods of time for critically needed services and at time they fail to report because the environment is not confidential or convenient and this happens especially in intra-familiar or sexual violence case,” the Minister noted.

Meanwhile, the Suddie Police Station on the Essequibo Coast also benefited from an upgrade under the programme at a cost of $14.7M.

Minister Ramjattan further noted that another $6M was expended to furnish the two stations.  He urged for the proper maintenance of the building and urged residents to cooperate with the Police in the discharge of their duties.

“With the community and the police work together we can be assured of our safety and security,” the Minister said.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police, Leslie James said it was a great day for the Force and residents of Aurora.

“These police stations they are complete with all of the amenities, it has the differently-abled ramp among some other rooms they have special rooms, its child-friendly, its witness friendly and I am sure that this facility will certainly do justice to the residents of this community,” the Commissioner said.

Police stations that were rebuilt and rehabilitated so far are Mabaruma and Port Kaituma in Region 1; La Grange, West Bank Demerara in Region 3; Cane Grove in Region 4; Mibicuri in Region 6; Issano in Region 7; Annai and Aishalton in Region 9; and McKenzie and Kwakawni in Region 10.

They are six remaining stations to benefit from the programme, those include Baramita in Region 1 and Parika in Region 3; Whim and Albion in Region 6, Mahdia in Region 8 and Wismar in Region 10.


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