GGDMA President looks forward to peaceful elections


President of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) Andron Alphonso has urged members to cast their vote Monday for the political party that supports the mining industry and urged for the process to be peaceful.

“He said miners by now should have been exposed to the plans of the various parties and miners should use this information to make an informed decision to vote for the party that will support and sustain the mining industry.

“He said that the Guyanese public is looking forward to a peaceful, transparent, free and fair elections and urged all political players to ensure that they deliver on this,” according to a press release issued by the GGDMA.

An estimated 100,000 Guyanese adults are involved either directly or indirectly in the local mining industry.

Alphonso made the remarks while addressing a mining symposium on Friday which is focused on the use of alternative technologies and techniques for better recovery and the reduction in the use of mercury in Guyana.

The main aim of the symposium was to help miners gain knowledge on how some of the available technologies work and to explore how they can help streamline operations and improve the efficiency of mining.

He dispelled reports that the GGDMA is purposely resisting the reduction of mercury and explained that the Association prefers to have solid, proven advice on what works and not be sold equipment by people who only have a sales agenda.

The one-day mining symposium was held at Park Rayne.

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