ELECTIONS 2020: District 10 votes


Electorates of District 10 turned out Monday morning to cast their ballots at the ongoing General and Regional Elections.

The News Room visited some of the Polling Places and observed lengthy lines from as early as 08:00hrs.

It ranged from young to old, persons walking with the aid of sticks or being pushed in wheelchairs and even droves of families were bustling to be in line.

While some persons left, they revealed they will return in the afternoon before polls close at 18:00h.

Voters in District 10

A first-time voter, who asked to remain anonymous said he was excited to exercise his constitutional right and hopes it helps in helping to improve the town of Linden and by extension Guyana.

A voter in District 10

Another elector said it was a long wait for her but she was happy to come early and get the process over with, she too hopes her vote can “forge for a better Guyana”.

Region 10 has 33, 808 electorates listed, 125 Polling Stations, 65 Polling Places and 14 Deputy Returning Officers.

Persons waiting to cast their ballots

This Elections, only APNU+AFC, Change Guyana, PPP/C, People’s Republican Party and URP are contesting both General and Regional in District 10.

A New United Guyana, The Citizen Initiative and The New Movement are only vying for General Elections.

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