Carter Center says Region 4 declaration not credible


See below full Carter Center Statement on Region 4 Election Results:

GEORGETOWN (March 5, 2020) — The Carter Center is deeply concerned about the events that took place today at the Office of the Returning Officer for Region 4 and the decision to announce results that had not been verified.

Up until today, the electoral process has been a remarkably transparent one with well-administered procedures on Election Day that provided an opportunity for the Guyanese people to express their will.

Today, however, the tabulation process that had been taking place in Region 4 was circumvented, critically undermining transparency and preventing international observers and political parties from observing tabulation. As a result, the election results released today for Region 4 are not credible.

We believe there is still an opportunity for the election to have credibility and reflect the will of the people as expressed at the polls on March 2.

There are a number of rules under Guyanese law that could be utilized in order to ensure credibility, including considering a request for a recount in Region 4. It is important that the appropriate Guyana Election Commission officials make clear how such a request can be made and received, with due regard to any concerns about security.

The Carter Center encourages a return to the transparent verification procedures that had been in place, including the processing of Region 4 Statements of Poll and the parallel verification process conducted by the CEO.

All parties contesting the election deserve a process that is credible and transparent and conducted according to established procedures and applicable law.

Whoever wins the election has an interest in ensuring that their victory is seen as credible.

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