Coalition appears confident court will clear way for swearing-in of Granger 


The APNU+AFC Coalition appears confident Chief Justice Roxane-George-Wiltshire will throw out the injunction which seeks to block the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) from declaring their leader Brigadier David A. Granger President.

When results for nine of the ten administrative regions were declared by Wednesday evening, the PPP had won six regions and was ahead by 52, 000 votes and the Coalition needed a windfall in Region Four to take the lead.

The PPP said it was impossible for the Coalition to win, given their additions of the Statements of Poll, which they moved to publish online.

But a series of dramatic events led Clairmont Mingo, the Returning Officer – responsible for verifying the statements of votes in every polling station – to declare results which put the Coalition in line to take the seat of government.

The Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, had pledged to party leaders and agents, with international and local observers present, that he would not abandon the verification process and would ensure it is done.

But that did not happen. After two days of delays, the results were declared without the knowledge of party agents and observers.

Foreign powers say the government of Brigadier Granger will be unconstitutional if he is sworn-in without the verification process taking place, but Granger himself has proclaimed victory.

The PPP on Friday moved to prevent the swearing-in unless the verification takes place but the Coalition is confident when the Chief Justice takes the bench Saturday morning she will throw out the injunction and pave the way for a declaration of Brigadier Granger as president.

“…we believe the way will be cleared for the swearing-in of His Excellency David A Granger,” wrote James Bond, an executive of the APNU+AFC Coalition stated on Facebook.

The General Secretary of the Coalition, Joseph Harmon, Friday night also appeared confident, declaring that “in order for there to be calm, stability, restraint, we have to have the President sworn in very quickly and that his government be able to take the necessary steps to guarantee the peace, stability and security of the people of this country.”

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