Dharmic Sabha ‘deeply concerned’ by post-elections incidents


The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha on Saturday said it is deeply concerned by incidents across the country, following the March 2 General and Regional Elections.

Please see below full statement issued by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha.

The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha is deeply concerned about the incidents across the country in the aftermath of Elections 2020, which resulted in loss of life and injury to persons, including children, civilians and police officers as well as damage to public and private property.

While everyone has the right to protest and the police must maintain order, there is absolutely no excuse for violence, use of excessive force by the authorities or injury to children.

We are also concerned about the use of abusive and racial language in exchanges, including on social media. In representing different interests, we urge you not lose your civility and sense of decency.  At the end of these elections, all Guyanese will have to live together and work together. Do not take our beloved country to a place where it would take years to undo the damage done and hurts caused.

We have always been proud of our tradition of celebrating each others’ festivals and cultures and being one people, one nation and one destiny. Let us not only mouth the words but live them as well.

We urge all to remain peaceful and calm and allow the legal processes, which have commenced, to take their course. We call on all to be responsible. We pray for the speedy recovery of all those who were injured.

May the blessings of Bhagwan Shiva be with Guyana and its people.

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