France warns against swearing-in of President until Region 4 votes are verified


See full statement from French Ambassador to Guyana, Antoine Joly:

France wishes to express its deep concern at the situation in Guyana after the elections which had taken place in good conditions until the results of region 4 were announced without completing the tabulation.

It calls, on behalf of excellent bilateral relations, for a spirit of conciliation and a sense of general interest in favor of all Guyanese.

It supports the unanimous request of the electoral observation missions, including EU, which request a resumption of the counting process verified from the statements of polling.

France warns against any hasty initiative aiming for the president to be sworn in until this verified count has been completed.

Only this procedure will ensure a legitimate, democratically acceptable process and avoid the clashes which unfortunately have already started in different places in Guyana.

Antoine Joly

French Ambassador in Guyana and Suriname

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